Chef Service

As a Chef in restaurants for more than 20 years, I am offering myself to cook for you while you are sunbathing or swimming in the pool.

(We do the shopping, cook, serve, wash all the dishes and leave the kitchen completely neat and clean)

All ingredients excluded.

Price is up to 12 people, (for more customers the price will be rearranged)

Give me your budget and I will arrange it for you…!!


If you need a housekeeping service within the week, we can arrange it for you,

I need to know it with some time in advance to organize it with the cleaning crew.

Restaurant bookings ()

As I have been many years in this business, I know the owners or people in charge of many restaurants. If you need to book table for your lunch or dinner, just let me know as soon as you can (some places a very busy in the high summer season), and I will do the booking for you.

Supermarket shopping ()

If you wish to have your first day Supermarket shoppings ready in the Villa when you check-in, Iet me know your preferences and I will do it for you. 

I will just need the shopping list with the items, quantities and brands you need and I will bring everything for you. 

You will pay only for the shopping basket.


If you want to go out to enjoy Ibiza’s nightlife, and you have children with you, do not worry, we can offer you a babysitter service to take care of your children. 

(❋) free of charge